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Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers About Rental Instruments

  • Do I own this instrument, or will I ever own this instrument? Your rental instrument is RENT TO OWN, at the end of the contract, you will OWN your instrument. To review how many payments your have, the instrument’s purchase price, etc., refer to the middle section of your contract.
  • Do I have to keep the instrument until it is paid off? You can return your instrument at any time, your contract will be deleted, and you will owe no more money. You just rented the instrument and now your obligation is completed.
  • What does the optional insurance cover? Insurance covers loss or theft of the instrument. It does not cover required maintenance or damage. It additionally does not cover if the instrument is stolen from a car. You must provide an appropriate police report to replace your instrument. Without insurance, you will be responsible to continue making payments until the lost or stolen instrument is paid in full.
  • Is there anyway to save money or are there any specials? We do offer ways to save money on your rental in the form of Early Payoff Specials. Check your e-mail or Facebook to see when we offer these specials. They are typically offered three times a year.
  • How/where can I do repairs if my instrument is broken? All repairs must be done at Baum’s Music. We have a full repair shop and can take care of all repairs on the premises. Sometimes things are very simple to fix and will only take a few minutes and cost you nothing. Trying to fix something yourself or letting someone else do it can result in a costly repair.
  • If you have any other questions, please call the store at (505)292-0707.


Hope you and your student enjoy your new instrument rental! We appreciate your support of your local music store!