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Baum's Music Rental/Purchase Plan

Baum's Music recognizes that beginning band and orchestra students may change their mind about which instrument fits them. In order to help you and your child get started in music we believe that we have developed a program that allows you to acquire an instrument at little risk.

Getting Started:

The first thing your child needs to do is decide (with your band directors help) which instrument best suits their talents. You may choose either a new or used instrument. The used instrument prices vary, but you are given an average price. It could be a little higher or lower depending on what we have in stock at the time. You will get the finalized price when you pick up your instrument. All of our used instruments have been through our in house repair department and have been sanitized, dents have been removed and they have been play tested to ensure proper playing condition. The rental program at Baum's Music is set up as a rent to own program. You make your first payment on the day you rent the instrument. Your payments will be due on the same day of every month. If your child decides they no longer want to play the instrument, or wants to switch instruments you may return the instrument before the next payment is due. If you are changing instruments you then fill out a new rental contract and start on a new program.

Terms and Conditions:

All on-line rentals are required to be setup as auto payments. Once you select your instrument and log in, you will be required to enter your credit card information.  The instrument brand, serial number, model, leased price, cash price, and length of contract before you own the instrument will be provided to you at the time you pick up your instrument.

Optional Insurance:

The optional insurance is $4.00 a month and can be added to your monthly payment. It covers a replacement instrument of comparable quality, condition, and value as determined by Baum's Music. Explanation of the insurance follows:

      1. An instrument totally destroyed by fire or other accident, or theft occurring not through the fault and/ or malicious intent of the Lessee will be replaced by Baum's Music provided that the theft, loss or destruction is reported to the proper authorities, and a written police or fire report is made within twenty-four (24) hours of the event. Baum's Music will require a copy of this report documenting any loss or destruction.
      2. The insurance does not cover any instrument taken outside of the state of New Mexico. Instruments which are taken out of the state of New Mexico are taken at the Lessee's risk.
      3. Any claim for replacement shall not be construed to alter or diminish the terms of the original Rental Agreement. This coverage will be void if you are in default of your Rental Agreement. Your payments must be current.
      4.IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances will insurance coverage apply to an instrument which has been subject to intentional or malicious damage or destruction by the Lessee.
      5. Baum's Music shall be the sole judge in all cases.

Maintenance and Repairs:

When you rent an instrument you are assuming the cost of maintenance and repairs, except for repairs covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Maintenance includes the proper cleaning and lubrication of the instrument. Any repairs that are needed when the instrument is being rented are the renters responsibility. This includes damage to the instrument or repairs to keep the instrument in proper playing condition. If the instrument is returned and is in a state of disrepair, except for reasonable wear and tear, you are responsible for the cost of repairs.